Sony VAIO C-series released

Posted on Friday, September 29 2006 @ 5:09 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Sony announced the latest addition to the iconic VAIO range: the culmination of inspired collaboration with the Sony Design Centre Europe. The new flagship C-series offers greater freedom of choice through a range of colours as well as an improved technical choice providing consumers with the latest applications on the market.

“With the C-Series, Sony is injecting life and colour into the world of mobile notebooks,” says Jun Koyama, Marketing Director of Sony VAIO of Europe. People have become increasingly conscious of their individual lifestyles and the choices they make to enhance their quality of life. Always on the go, consumers are expressing themselves wherever they are with their choices. What they carry with them and surround themselves with is a personal statement in itself. The VAIO C-Series indeed becomes part of your life and part of who you are, not only by means of its features and content but also by its astonishing looks.

The C-Series is available in a range of expressive mood colours to complement your style and look:
  • a silver white model for the modern, sophisticated men or women who want to reflect calm, cool, karma
  • a pink model for the free spirit who likes to be noticed
  • a green model for the explorer who wants to feel at one with nature
  • a grey and orange model for the jet-setting nomad
  • a black model with burgundy trim for the person who wants the classic understated look that offers timeless elegance
  • What you choose depends on who you are. Those of a calm disposition will be drawn to the karma silver-white palette, with its natural, lighter tones suggestive of inner peace. Others will warm to the infectious fun and energy of bright pastels animating free spirit pink. Men and women are equally likely to identify with the urban greys and orange accent nomad colours, with its catchy hint of an active, mobile lifestyle. The organic, earth-rich natura tones will appeal to life’s travellers and adventurers, while the timeless luxurious olive blacks are suggestive of subtle chic and sophistication.

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