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Posted on Tuesday, April 22 2003 @ 15:28 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Opteron Information Database
We've rounded up over 80 sources for everything Opteron including reviews, benchmarks, news, press releases & editorials. The one stop information source for Opteron.
Review Link : Icrontic

Tech-Mods.net Has A New Look
Tech-Mods.net has a new look go check it out. We will be having a contest really soon so look out for that to celebrate our new look.

Mentor Crystal Plexi Case
A no-name High Quality plexi case? Is it possible? Mentor is not a very well known brand but they do deliver some impressive products. This "Crystal Plexi" sure is a looker. Find out if it easy to build your system in this see-through extravanganza...

Review Link : Madshrimps

Win a Mentor Crystal Plexi Case
We are giving away a flashy see-through plexi case.
**What do you need to do to win?
Using MS Paint create your MOD of this plexi case
**MOD ?
Visualise how you would modify this plexi case, that is just begging to receive some flashy LED's, rounded cables and other modding goodies
Review Link : Madshrimps

Lian Li PC-402a Mini Case
Upon first glance, one my be excused for seeing a mini version of the PC-6089a before their eyes... The PC-402a seems like a younger sibling of the PC-6089a - with the PC-402a sporting a similar acrylic door and looks. It's as if someone has sliced the PC-6089a across the middle... comparisons aside, the PC-402a is an impressive little case, packing a lot of features and obviously much research and development into a small space...

Review Link : Modtown

Minds@Work Digital Wallet
"First off, please note that Minds@Work is no longer in business, but their products can still be found at many places, including CompUSA's online store, eBay, and several others. There are many different versions of the Digital Wallet floating around, and other companies are starting to develop their own look-alikes. The Digital Wallet's list price is still in the $300 range, but we were able to find a 3GB version on clearance at CompUSA for a little under $150. What a buy!"

"The Minds@Work Digital Wallet is a well designed product that saves money, but lacks in features. The Digital Wallet is about the size of an old GameBoy (3.69"x5.2"x1.14"), and features a monochrome matrix LCD display, and a laptop-sized hard drive."

Review Link : HardCoreMods

Samsung Yepp YP-300S review
With some many solid-state MP3 players on the market, it’s getting hard to choose the one that fits the bill. Samsung just finished refreshing their entire line-up of portable MP3 players which they affectionately call the Yepp. Today, we take a gander at the YP-300S 64MB player which can accommodate a SmartMedia expansion card. Here’s a snip:

“MP3. In just over 5 years, this little codec has changed the face of digital music. Every geek remembers the first time they downloaded a 3-5 megabyte file which contained an entire song. When you realize that the most common digital music format back then was the WAV with its astronomical files sizes of 40 megabytes for a typical song, the MP3 format was an astronomical breakthrough. Fast-forward half a decade and there are dozens of firms marketing MP3 digital audio players. Today, we look at the new Yepp YP-300S from Samsung.”

Review Link : EnvyNews

Interview with Bullet PC
Bullet PC were nice enough to sit down for a chat with us, talking a little about themselves, and giving us their take on on manufacturers such as AMD, Intel, ATi and nVidia.

"Q. With the industry moving so fast, what have you done to stay in touch with your customers? I like the new site design, any other plans?

A. Yes, I am glad you asked. We just launched our own reviews section as a part of Bullet PC called "Forensics" Autopsy reports. The new section has a very cool look and the content will be technical with some humor mixed in."
Interview over at Viper's Lair

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