All Office 2007 versions to ship on one disc

Posted on Saturday, September 30 2006 @ 7:09 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
CRN reports Microsoft will deliver all Office 2007 versions on one disc, just like Windows Vista.
The Office client-side suites may mimic Vista in that all bits may ship on one DVD. Customers can "turn on" higher level and pricier versions with a key.

Microsoft acknowledged last week what CRN reported nine months ago: That it will ship all Vista bits on one DVD with users paying for--and unlocking--advanced features as needed.

A spokeswoman outlined the basic Office 2007 game plan. Some things are still being finalized she said via e-mail but "in general, the SKUs that were announced back in February are a fairly good indication of what final packaging will be like. E.g. if you buy Office Pro Plus, then you'll get all the things that are in that SKU in a single CD/DVD," she said via email.
More info over here.

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