ATI RD690 chipset arrives in November

Posted on Monday, October 02 2006 @ 15:52 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The ATI (or AMD) RD690 chipset will be available in November:
That can make a huge difference in the OEM and retail market. The currently-shipping RD485 and its X300 crippled graphic works well under Vista but the X700 will do much better with the new shiny OS.

ATI is finishing up the RS690 Northbridge and the motherboard manufacturers are finishing up their designs. They are set to use RS690 Northbridge and SB600 Southbridge. The SB600 chip is finally ready to rock and roll and Sapphire's Pure Crossfire PC-AM2RD580 is among the first boards to embrace it. This motherboard is shipping as we speak.
More details at The Inq.

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