Sony PS3 overheating problems?

Posted on Wednesday, October 04 2006 @ 21:40 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Some PlayStation 3 units that were on display at the Tokyo Game Show two weeks ago operated erratically and had to be rebooted repeatedly:
"While the reason for this is unknown, we suspect it may be due to overheating as a result of enclosing the units and the high temperatures at the venue," Gibson wrote in the report Monday. "We are concerned that such a problem has occurred so close to full production and is clearly negative news for the company."

Earlier in the day, investment firm Goldman Sachs Group Inc. lowered Sony's stock rating to "neutral" from "buy," citing confusion over the release of PlayStation 3 and concerns that disappointing sales of PlayStation Portable may weigh on its earnings in electronics operations more heavily than expected.
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