ThermalRight releases HR-03 VGA Cooler

Posted on Saturday, October 07 2006 @ 19:28 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Thermalright released the new HR-03 VGA cooler. The HR-03 works with 4 heat pipes in the forms of 2 U-pipes and 2 N-pipes (another innovative concept from Thermalright) for a well and evenly spread out distribution of heat, and just as are our other High Riser heatsinks, the HR-03 can work effectively, with or without a fan. It all depends on your preference level for noise and performance.

For those hardcore overclockers who don’t mind a little noise (more or less) and just want pure performance, you can strap on any 9cm fan of your choice and just go nuts! Crank it up! Turn up the juice! The HR-03 will cool the newest and hottest

GPU from ATI and Nvidia. In our own test lab, we ran the HR-03 passively without a fan on a Nvidia 7950GT against the stock cooler and it performed shoulder to shoulder with stock cooling.

So what happened when we put on a 9cm fan? The results were mind boggling…improvement was as much as a staggering 20 Celsius degrees! But for those who just want some peace and quiet running the HR-03 without a fan, you will need a well ventilated system and need to place the HR-03 close to the CPU fan or the rear exhaust fan.

One of the many advantages of the HR-03 is its installation procedure, because now it is easier than ever with fewer parts causing less of a headache, while installing in much less time than the average GPU cooler.

The HR-03 can be installed in two ways in accommodation to your video card configuration and system setup, thus expanding the range of video card compatibility. Another advantage lies in the heatsink base. Since it is double sided, you can install the HR-03 either over the card or around/under the card, perfect for those who have the SLI or Crossfire configuration setup.

Thermalright’s HR-03 not only performs great, especially on high end graphics cards, but it looks good while doing it. Sleek yet aggressive design is sure to grab your attention!

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