Sony thinks Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii price is too high

Posted on Thursday, October 12 2006 @ 0:00 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Wow this is stunning, first we hear Sony's CEO Ken Kutaragi say that the PlayStation 3 is probably still too cheap and now Sony Australia's Michael Ephraim claims the Xbox 360 and even the Nintendo Wii is too expensive!
Ephraim stated that for its intended market, the Nintendo Wii is too expensive despite its "family oriented" roots. "For this Christmas, I think that price point is still not family entertainment because AUD $500 is a lot to fork out, but we welcome the Nintendo heritage of gaming where they can appeal to a broader audience because long-term that is critical for the industry," said Ephraim.

Ephraim concedes that the XBOX 360 has done well in Australia, but that the unit is still a bit on the expensive side. His main problem with the console, which many may agree with, is that the content just isn't there yet. He also goes on to say, "It's still pricey, and I'm sure Microsoft will do everything they can, but if you just look at the offerings from each format and the marketplace that we are now playing in, especially PlayStation 2, it has to be affordable because we are talking about mass-market and non traditional gamers."
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