Intel ICH9 features SATA Port Multiplier

Posted on Friday, October 13 2006 @ 11:08 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
HKEPC writes the Intel ICH9 will feature the Rapid Recover Technology and Command Based Port Multipliers.
Intel Rapid Recover Technology enables fast and easy recovery in the event of a hard drive failure. Intel Rapid Recover Technology allows the user to maintain a complete copy of their primary drive on a second hard drive, the Recovery Drive. The Recovery Drive can be updated in various user-defined scenarios. If the system hard drive fails, either from a mechanical failure or the result of a virus, recovery is as simple as booting from the Recovery Drive.

Until now Serial ATA (SATA) connectivity between drives and controllers has been an effective point-to-point relationship; a single drive connected to a single controller port via a single cable. The maximum number of drives in an array was predicated on the controller’s port count. The SATA Port Multiplier permits a change to that point-to-point relationship with the introduction of port multiplication technology which allows an up to fifteen SATA devices connection by a single cable, being cost-effective as well as expanding drive scalability to storage systems.

SATA Port Multiplier has two paradigms, command-based switching and FIS (Frame Information Structure)-based switching. Each paradigm offers unique capabilities suited for particular environments.
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