Laser TVs to kill LCD and Plasma TVs?

Posted on Friday, October 13 2006 @ 13:23 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Two companies presented their laser TV technology today, claiming it can smack down LCD and plasma displays because their idea costs half the price, looks twice as good, is half the weight and thickness and uses only a quarter of the electricity!
Aussie company Arasor and its stateside partner from the Silicon Valley Novalux say their combination of a unique optoelectronic chip and a laser projection device will be available by Christmas, 2007 and placed inside TVs made by companies such as Mitsubishi and Samsung.

These are bold claims from this couple of companies, but don't expect everyone to be throwing away those brand-new LCDs and plasma displays just yet. A lot can happen between now and December, 2007.

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