New ATI's Catalyst 6.10 leaked

Posted on Tuesday, October 17 2006 @ 15:34 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
ATI is gonna launch their new Catalyst 6.10, MadBoxPC reports. Their latest drivers (6.10 RC1) included the option to use Folding@Home on your ATI X1900 or X1950, and they also include compatibility and information for X1950XTX, X1300XT and X1650 Pro cards.

The new final release will include X1350XT, X1650Pro, X1650XT, X1950Pro, X1950XTX and X1950 Crossfire Edition compatibility (drivers available at this time are only using modified unofficial drivers). The new Catalyst 6.10 drivers also include information about an X1650 with R580 core (which card is that?). As you can see, their new drivers (not officially launched yet) include compatibility with vga cards that are just launched today (and there aren't any official drivers available for them at this moment).

Do you want to download them? They are available on the net (download using BT) over here.

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