Intel wants 1GB NAND memory on new notebooks

Posted on Friday, October 20 2006 @ 1:12 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
In the first phase of Intel's Robson flash cache memory technology the company wants to include 1GB of NAND memory on new notebooks:
This inclusion of 1GB of NAND memory is actually the first phase of Robson. Soon after launch, vendors will also have the option to include 512MB instead of 1GB modules, as a cost-down alternative. Both the 1GB and 512MB modules are integrated into the Crestline chipset that makes up the core of the Santa Rosa platform.

Windows Vista is heavily reliant on the ability to use flash memory to cache files with Superfetch. Rather than reading files off the hard drive, Superfetch occasionally writes the files to an available NAND device. Vista will then pool the NAND device for the files, rather than power-up the hard drive. Since the flash memory is integrated right onto the motherboard, the system can read the memory considerably faster than the hard drive while getting a nice power-saving benefit as well.
Intel is also working on a desktop version of Robson called Snowgrass. More details at DailyTech.

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