BFG launches 800W and 1000W power supplies

Posted on Friday, October 20 2006 @ 13:17 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
BFG Technologies announced that the BFG 1000 Watt and BFG 800 Watt power supplies backed by BFG’s famous lifetime warranty will be immediately available at leading retailers and e-tailers in North America.

“We continue to see a trend for PC’s needing more power due to the success of NVIDIA’s SLI technology as well as the multiple hard drives and multi-core CPU processors that enthusiast’s are placing in their systems,” said Scott Herkelman, executive vice president of BFG Technologies. “The BFG 1000 Watt and 800 Watt power supplies are geared to handle these power hungry components and provide gamers and enthusiasts alike with flexible, stable and superior power than what they may get from their power supply today.”
BFG 1000 Watt Power Supply MSRP $349.99

  • ATX 12V 2.2 – Supports the latest Intel and Athlon-based platforms requiring 24-pin main power connector, it is also backward compatible with previous ATX standards.
  • Quad 12V Rails – Four independent 12V rails provide your peripherals and critical system components with the most stable power.
  • PCI Express Ready – Four PCI Express 6-pin power connectors ensures that any graphics card or other PCI Express add-in card you buy will have its own dedicated power connector for dependable operation.
  • SATA Connectors – Eight serial ATA connectors allow you to connect up to eight serial ATA devices without the need for a special adapter.
  • BFG Silent Control Technology – During regular operation, the fan slows down to reduce unnecessary noise.
  • Protection Circuitry – Built-in protection circuitry is able to handle common power irregularities such as over-voltage, overload, and short circuits.
  • MTBF – A mean time between failure rating of 140,000 hours guarantees a long lasting and reliable source of power.
  • The BFG 800 Watt Power Supply has a MSRP of $249.99.

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