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Posted on Saturday, May 10 2003 @ 7:15 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Mouse Bungee review
In conclusion, I recommend this product to any frequent gamer, programmer, or just an addicted chatter. It minimizes any frustration you might get from a mouse cord getting stuck, it’s inexpensive, and it’s stylish. The Mouse Bungee comes in many different colors so it can match any case, desk, or, well, anything. If you only use the computer once or twice a week for a small amount of time, this product is most likely not worth it to you

Review Link : Geekshelter

Erster Lian Li PC-7 Dual Suckhole Mod
Da mein Lian Li irgendwie nie genug Luft nach draußen befördert und ein 80er Loch mir nicht genug ist. hab ich mir mal Gedanken gemacht wie ich dem Case zu mehr Frischluft verhelfen kann. Und dies ist rausgeworden. Der erste Lian Li PC-7 Suckhole Mod. Dank des 2ten Lüfters und des Verbesserten Lüftergitters sinkt meine Case Temperatur um bis zu 6 Grad und pendelt sich meist bei 24-25 Grad ein. Ich wünsche allen viel Spaß beim nachbauen.

Review Link : Moddinggods (German)

FrontX (X-tension) Port
FRONTX (Front X-tension) is a new product invented to extend and transfer computer ports to the front panel of your PC system. The device is so versatile, you can even configure your own ports selection. Read on to find out more...

Review Link : The Tech Lounge

LapWorks 4-port USB Hub + USB Light Review
Are you in need of having portable light when you are lugging around your laptop? Or do you want a light that can help you save some money when you use your home PC at night? How about USB? Are you always running out of your two USB ports? Well sometimes I have and needed to find a way to expand my connections. You could always purchase a USB bracket, but that’s too much and not portable. Today we are taking a look at two new products from LapWorks. The LapWorks USB LED Light and the LapWorks 4-port USB Hub. We will go over the Light first, then the hub right after
Review Link : Modsynergy

Samsung Msys-835P Digital Multifunction Printer
Overall, this is a great product which should get your office up and running at peak efficiency in no time. All you have to do now is get your employees as efficient and problem free as your office hardware. That is something I am not trained to review, well, maybe if she's cute .

Review Link : TweakNews

Zalman's Multi Speed Fan Controller
As you may have know by now, Zalman is a company which manufactures and well known for it's line of CNPS product or in long, Computer Noise Prevention System. Basically, the terms reflect the company's full commitment in producing a near to silent operating coolers such as their famous flower sink! However, Zalman didn't only produce the heatsink coolers but also ventured into other parts that concerns about eliminating noise polution....
Review Link : myWORLD Hardware

Sharkoon-Lüfter mit UV Kathode
Heute möchten wir Euch die neuen fluoreszierenden Systemlüfter von Sharkoon vorstellen. Und zwar in allen 3 verfügbaren Farben. Wie immer haben wir wieder, viele Fotos gemacht, damit Ihr euch leichter eine eigene Meinung, über die Lüfter, bilden könnt. Und nicht auf die meist verschönten Herstellerfotos angewiesen seit. Viel Spass mit unserem Bericht.

Review Link : Caseumbau

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