More GeForce 8800 details

Posted on Monday, October 23 2006 @ 0:22 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inq has a tiny bit more info about NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce 8800 (G80) GPU:
As for numbers, we told you that they would be at about 12,000 in 3DMark06 give or take a driver revision. That brings up the question of 'on what'? Those numbers are on a Kentsfield, how will it do on your CPU?

Well, a Conroe 2.93 will score about 10,500, and a FX-62 will hit almost 10,000 on the nose. It is interesting that the quad will hit notably higher with a lower clock but a higher bus. I wonder if it is the threading or the FSB giving the kick? ยต

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