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Posted on Monday, May 12 2003 @ 9:56 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

MSI FX5200-TDR128
The end result was a 296 core, and 285 memory (up from 250/250 stock). As you've probably noticed, this differed from our maximum OC of the core and memory accordingly. This is because one part ran stock, while we OC'd the other part. When putting the two together, we had various levels of success (or failure, depending how you view it), and the 296/285 OC was the fastest, and most stable video card overclock.
Review Link : Viper's Lair

Maxtop CSF-1630B Server Enclosure Review
For years I have searched for the "ultimate overclocking case". Size has never been a factor other than bigger is always better. I've modified many standard mid and full tower cases, but space is always a problem if you mess with water cooling or just have a lot of "stuff". Sure, the standard full towers have space, but even they seem cramped once you stuff all of your goodies in there. For years I've been wanting a true server sized case. Not a giant rack mount enclosure the size of a refrigerator, but full tower case that is twice as wide as the standard tower. The only thing that was holding me back was actually having a need for something that big. Over the past few months I've slowly upgraded my file server to SCSI and now my standard full tower is too small. Now is the perfect time to graduate to a REAL server case! Check out the Maxtop CSF-1630B review over at ClubOC! Here's a clip:

"Weighing in at just shy of 100lbs, this crated up bad boy sat in the middle of my living room like the monolith from the movie 2001. In fact, I could swear I could even hear the theme music from the same movie playing... Suddenly, the music in my head stopped as my wife asked me "Just don't stand there drooling, get this thing out of my living room!". Funny, if she only knew that I'd soon have packing material and cardboard scatter throughout the house like it was Christmas morning in May... In no time at all, I had the Maxtop CSF-1630B unpacked and ready to receive the guts of my dual Athlon file server! Check out this jet black beauty! I think I'll call her the HAL9000!"
Review Link : ClubOC

Koolance External water-cooling kit
A while ago, I tested the Koolance PC2-C watercooling solution. Today, the Exos system has landed on my desk. The PC2-C is a complete case with watercooling, but the Exos lets me choose my own case with the benefits of a complete watercooling.

Review Link : Madshrimps

SuperMicro X5DAE motherboard
The winter of 2002 saw the introduction of the E7505 chipset from Intel which brought AGP 8x and dual channel DDR support to the XEON platform. This was definitely an exciting moment since up until the E7500 chipsets, we only saw Rambus support on the higher end XEON platform which usually meant higher prices for system builds. My P4DCE+ motherboard used the Intel i860 chipset and housed PC800 RIMMS. When SuperMicro unveiled the X5DAE motherboard featuring the E7505, I decided to make the jump to this new platform and also upgrade to 2.4GHz XEONs with the faster 533 front side bus.
Review Link : WhiningDog

Kryptec X-Board V.2
Seit nun mehr als einem Monat ist das neue Hochleistungs- Zocker MousePad von Kryptec auf dem Markt. Es soll dank neuer Struktur bessere Abtastfähigkeit für Optische und Kugelmäuse bieten und soll robuster sein als jedes andere Board zuvor. Was das neue X-Board V.2 wirklich kann und was es nicht kann könnt ihr in unserem Test nachlesen.

Review Link : Moddinggods (German)

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