AMD to show off Barcelona soon

Posted on Monday, October 30 2006 @ 1:00 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inq writes AMD will soon show off its quad-core Barcelona processors:
With the Q2/07 date looming, it is putting the pressure on AMD to show it's stuff, and from what we hear, a solution is imminent. The problem is the first rev of parts, the A0 silicon, is a little on the buggy side, but it does work. A1 fixes a lot of those bugs, and is due to be in AMD's hands literally any day now.

Once A1 is up and running, it should be more than demoable, but give it 2-3 weeks before we know for sure. The first major event after that is the analysts meeting, so I am guessing that is where it will break cover for real with a possible showing to the privileged few before that. I would not bet against that around the day that Clovertown launches.

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