ATI Catalyst 6.10 finally released

Posted on Wednesday, November 01 2006 @ 12:47 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
ATI decided to wait till the end of the month to release their Catalyst 6.10 drivers.

There are two new features:
HDR + Anti-Aliasing support for The Elder Scrolls Oblivion
Users no longer need to download and install the Chuck patch - the Direct3D driver now includes native support for High Dynamic Range and Anti-Aliasing with The Elder Scrolls Oblivion.

Performance Improvement
As with most Catalyst® releases, performance has increased in various situations. In this release of Catalyst® Intel 965 Crossfire performance increases due to improvements of the Crossfire D3D driver in handling large vertex meshes. Gains of 6.7-15.8% can be seen in 3DMark2006, 9.7-10.5% in 3DMark2005 and 3DMark2003 performance improves as much as 7.1%.
You can download the version for Windows over here.

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