Does RAID0 Really Increase Disk Performance?

Posted on Thursday, November 02 2006 @ 10:08 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
We set a RAID0 system with stripe sizes from 4 KB to 128 KB to answer two questions: Does RAID0 really increase disk performance? If yes, what is the best stripe size to use? Check it out.

"RAID0, also known as data striping, can be used if you want to increase your PC disk performance, being recommended to high-end PCs. It works by accessing two identical hard disk drives in parallel, so in theory it doubles the data transfer rate between the computer and the hard disk drives. We were very curious to see if RAID0 really increases the hard disk performance and how it reflects on PC overall performance, so we set a RAID0 system, benchmarked our system and compared it to the same system with just one hard disk drive installed. We set our RAID0 with several different stripe sizes, from 4 KB to 128 KB, to check which configuration would give us the best performance. Check it out."

Check it out Hardware Secrets.

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