Web browser share by country

Posted on Friday, November 03 2006 @ 18:35 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
BusinessWeek published the results of a survey on web browser share in different countries.

In the U.S. Firefox has 9.95% of the market and 86.64% is in the hands of Microsoft's IE. In the U.K. this is respectively 8.82% and 88.78% and in Germany 65.04% for IE and 26.80% for Firefox.
While Mozilla's Firefox Web browser has about 10 percent of the Internet browser market in the U.S., it's got more than one-fourth of the market in Germany, where Net users have always been early adopters of alternatives to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, says Web Side Story's Geoff Johnston. "Most of these gains appear to have come at the expense of Microsoft," he notes in a press release.

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