Hidden gems of the interweb

Posted on Tuesday, November 07 2006 @ 5:25 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
In this new age of Web 2.0, there are plenty of great apps that are internet only that many people haven't heard about. Did you know there was a Google Mars? Find out about this, and other cool net apps, inside.

"Whilst the world is still trying to get their heads round the scale of Google Maps and its desktop client counterpart, Google Earth, the company has expanded its satellite photography fieldtrip into outer space and come up with Google Mars and Google Moon. These apps, you guessed it, use the Google Maps interface to allow users to view the two stellar bodies in all their mapped photographic glory. In addition to the usual features such as zooming, panning and permalinking (creating hyperlinks to current map views), the spaced out versions also include Elevation, Visible and Infrared views, which show the maps shaded and colour-coded by altitude, as a mosaic of standard visible images and from a perspective of the infrared group in the spectrum."

Check it out over here.

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