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Posted on Monday, May 26 2003 @ 10:20 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

KoolCases Platinum XP Case Review
The price of this case ($51 USD) on KoolCases' website makes it quite attractive and a great price-to-performance value..
Review Link : 3dXtreme

Vibe's PT-2002-T Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Are you tired of fighting with keyboard and mouse cords or maybe you just want more freedom of movement? Today we take a look at Vibe's PT-2002-T wireless keyboard and mouse

Review Link : TechTastic

Revoltec Fan Controller
Lüftersteuerungen kommen in letzter Zeit immer mehr und mehr auf den Markt. Ziel ist es, mit diesem Produkt die Lüfter im Tower regeln zu können. Bei kleineren Anwendungen, die den Prozessor etc. weniger belasten, würde es schon ausreichen die Lüfter langsam laufen zu lassen. Bei Videobearbeitungen und Spielen zum Beispiel wird die Hardware stärker belastet und braucht dadurch auch mehr frische Luft. Die Lüfter müssen also schneller laufen, um eine größere Leistung zu erreichen. Um diese Vorgänge schnell und unkompliziert lösen zu können, hat nun auch die Firma „Revoltec“ einen sogenannten Fan Controller auf dem Markt gebracht. Wir durften das Produkt testen und werden alle Details hier in diesem Bericht klären.

Review Link : PCDaily (German)

Logitech Cordless Controller for PC
Consoles need upgrades too! Enter the Logitech Cordless Controller for Sony Playstation. This 2.4GHz cordless gaming pad works on both the PSX or PSOne, and the Playstation2. Designed for these consoles, the controller also works on a Windows PC with a 3rd-party USB dongle which converts the Playstation peripheral connector to a standard PC USB port. Armed with vibration feedback and dual-analog sticks, and the proper dongle, you could have one controller for both PCs and the console

Review Link : EnvyNews

Minolta-QMS Magicolor 2350 EN color laser printer
Over the past couple of years, a few companies have begun to release color laser printers meant for the consumer/SOHO crowd. Minolta-QMS has been just one of the companies trying to capture this market. Its Magicolor color laser line has consistently vied with products from HP and Canon to grasp the hearts and minds of the home user. Thus, during the course of the Magicolor’s life cycle, resolutions, memory capacities, and feature sets have steadily increased while prices have declined. All of which brings us to the one of the most recent models in the family: the Minolta-QMS Magicolor 2350 EN. Have we reached the point in the evolution of the color laser printer where a relatively inexpensive machine like the 2350 EN can provide the quality we expect?

Review Link : EnvyNews

The Madshrimps have published an editorial on the AMD Tbred processors
Recently AMD enthusiasts (overclockers) have had a smile across their faces the length of which must have wifes and girlfriends wondering. Their new-found mistress; "lower-speed" Thoroughbred-B's, and their "double overclock" potential. Almost mythical in overclocking circles (prior to phase-change cooling) doubling a processor's default speed is the apotheosis for the enthusiast. So where did these sweethearts come from? And why have I chose the title "AMD ingots sliced "TBread" with the crusts cut off"? Buckle up, it's going to a bumpy ride!

Link : Madshrimps

EluminX Illuminated Keyboard Review
Out of the box, my first impressions of the EluminX Illuminated Keyboard were very positive. The standout feature of the EluminX Illuminated Keyboard is the inclusion of electroluminescent technology within the keyboards construction to provide a glowing key surface for a variety of computing environments. This feature is ideal for computer users who prefer low-lit environments and eliminates the use for additional room lighting in order to see the keys while typing. Electroluminescent technology can be easily defined as the direct conversion of electric energy to light by a solid phosphor subjected to an alternating electric field

Review Link : MTB

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