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Posted on Tuesday, May 27 2003 @ 10:59 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Corsair Hydrocool 200 watercooler
DWPG.Com, in co-operation with the biggest overclocking site in Norway, Overklokking.no takes a look at the latest and greatest from Corsair, the Corsair Hydrocool 200. Corsair is well known for their high performance memory, and they are now taking one step further, into the world of watercooling, thus the expectations are high. Read on as we investigate the performance of this cooler. The overheat protection system is quite genious. Hydrocool 200 will shut down your computer before enything get fried. You can adjust these parameters, but keep in mind that the temperature is measured on top of the waterblock, not the processor core. Corsair estimates the deltaT to about 15 degrees Celsius or Farenheit, and we can confirm that this is pretty accurate
Review Link : DWPG

PC Toys MobileMaxx Removable Hard Drive Rack
Upon hitting the power switch the MoblieMaxx unit greets you with a nice bright green LCD, which displays a wealth of information for the user. A large part of the display is taken up by a temperature readout, which can be customized for both Fahrenheit and Celsius. You also have a Disk like icon on the screen which spins when the hard drive is being accessed.

Review Link : PimpRig

Soltek SL-86SPE-L 865PE Motherboard
There are not many extra bundled features with the Soltek SL-86SPE-L. Included with the package are the basic bundled features like manuals, driver and utility CDs, IDE cable, and floppy cable. Two Serial ATA cables are provided but no power adapters for the Serial ATA drives like the IC7-G, 9CJS, and 8PE800 Ultra all have. No additional USB ports or audio jacks are present. This is a very stripped package. Since the motherboard only has two USB ports on its I/O configuration and the chipset supports up to eight, Soltek could have added a least a few more USB ports. Many devices are using USB such as hard drives, digital cameras, keyboards, mice, and 6-in-1 card readers. It is safe to say that most enthusiasts have over two USB devices and will be very disappointed that no more ports are provided.

Review Link : EOC

Global WIN TOP-420P4 Netzteil
Bisher war Global WIN nur als Kühlerhersteller bekannt - Seit neuestem stellen sie auch Gehäuse her. Nun wollen sie sich auf dem Netzteilmarkt etablieren. Heutzutage werden immer schnellere Prozessoren, Grafikkarten, mehr Festplatten, Lüfter und sonstige Dinge in einem PC verbaut. Dies stellt besonders hohe Ansprüche an das Netzteil. Man sollte mittlerweile mindestens ein 350 oder gar 400W Netzteil haben, um keine Systemabstürze zu provozieren. Global WIN hat mit dem TOP-420P4 ein Netzteil mit edler Optik und guten Features geschaffen – was es zu leisten vermag, klären wir in diesem Test.

Review Link : MHzPower (German)

Aerocool Deep Impact DP-101
Under load with the supplied fan, the Deep impact comes pretty close to the Aero7 scores, but what you also have to remember here is that the Deep Impact's supplied fan is only 24dB, virtually silent, and will certainly be drowned out by any other system fans
Review Link : Viper's Lair

Thermaltake HardCano 10 front panel controller
From our point of view we like the Thermaltake HardCano 10 because it gives a very handy and stylish fitting for you PC computer case while giving front panel access for your USB & FireWire ports and two very handy fan speed controllers with a temperature display to boot. Installation was easy leaving you only needing to adjust the Alarm setting with a small screw driver. And as the Thermaltake HardCano 10 is powered off your computer power supply you do not have a battery to keep replacing.
Review Link : A1 Electronics

Swiftech H20-8500 Water Cooling Kit
OCAddiction takes a look at the H2O-8500 Water Cooling kit from Swiftech. As water cooling becomes closer to mainstream several manufacturers are introducing pre-configured kits at some really decent prices. OCA compares the H2O-8500 to the similarly priced Koolance. Which one comes out on top? Let’s take a look.

“With all that in mind Swiftech released the H20-8500 built around their hugely successful MCW5000 water-block. The H20-8500 is designed to be installed in most mid-tower cases with minimal hassle. And obviously as a water cooling solution, it should provide excellent cooling performance with low noise. Now lets take a look at what you are buying when you order the H20-8500.”

Review Link : OCA

Hydor Seltz L30 Water Pump Review
I wanted to test the head volume of the units for myself. I got tired of everyone’s opinions on pumps and wanted to see for myself. This is not an exact test but it is extremely even and fairly accurate. I ran out and bought 10ft of cheap vinyl ½”ID tubing. I mounted the top portion of the tubing to the top rail of my deck and the bottom connected to the pumps top exhaust. The tubing was rearranged to make sure the pump sat on the bottom of the bucket and the tubing had as little movement as possible; vinyl tubing takes some work to get it back into shape after being on a roll. I marked the tubing every ft with neon orange paint and I poured 1gal distilled water into the bucket. I also used a bright dye for the water to make it visible in the pictures

Review Link : GruntVillE

Performance-Pcs Aluminum Case Special
What we were looking for was an entry level aluminum case that would be light weight, compact, cool well, look good, with plenty of power and yes, even a couple of modded features and all for under $ 100.00 US. Did we accomplish our goal?? You be the judge!!

Review Link : Systemcooling

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