AMD uses GPU-based Stream processor to boost performance

Posted on Tuesday, November 14 2006 @ 17:07:34 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Along with the CTM technology, AMD also released world's first dedicated stream processors today. These processors are designed to be used in high-performance systems in areas such as financial analysis, seismic migration analysis, and life sciences research, among others.

Stream computing uses dedicated ATI GPU chips for a wide range of scientific, business and consumer computing applications, providing organizations the ability to process incredible amounts of information in significantly less time.

Using professional-grade technology derived from AMD’s Graphics Product Group, the AMD Stream Processor is a PCI Express-based add-in board designed with higher memory densities than any consumer graphics card – a full 1 GB of GDDR3 memory for stream computing applications. The processor also features HPC-optimized memory performance designed to best handle unique stream computing problem sets. The AMD Stream Processor also includes broad operating system support for server implementations; full-service, enterprise-class technical support; and a limited three-year warranty. The AMD Stream Processor is available now from distributors.

Stream processors will soon be available in systems from GraphStream, PANTA Systams and Rackable Systems.