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Posted on Friday, June 06 2003 @ 19:40 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Face it, the All in Wonder line of videocards are second to none when compared to any other videocard on the market. The swiss army knife of videocards is loved by its owner and envied by consumers that would love to own one, but just can't seem to find the money to buy the latest 9700pro version. So, what did ATI figure out? Well, one thing is the fact that there are millions of consumers out there that would just love to get their technology starved hands on a Wonder. So ATI decided to release an all-in-one videocard for the rest of us common folk in the world, the All-in-Wonder 9000pro. As you will see in this review, this card has every single capability as its faster, more expensive brother. If you don't need a bleeding edge performance videocard, I think the US$199 you pay for this card will be a solid investment. And guess what, it's half the price of the equivalent 9700pro but not half the performance

Review Link : TweakNews

Tyan Tachyon G9500Pro 128MB VGA
Tyan Tachyon G9500Pro is a feature rich graphics card, with a respectable performance and an impressive hardware monitoring function. In addition, the G9500Pro is the only R9500Pro that can be overclocked without flashing custom BIOS. In our attempt, overclocking raise the performance by 2~10%
Review Link : OCNZ

Hercules 3D Prophet 9800Pro 128MB video card
The industry itself has effectively divided into two. You're either an ATi vendor, or a Nvidia vendor. Unlike the days of Diamond MultiMedia, where competing chips made under the same vendor weren't uncommon, a choice has to be made. Unfortunately for Hercules, they had to learn this the hard way, infact Nvidia practically made an example out of Hercules when they released their first ATi branded video card.
Review Link : HWavenue

Vantec Spectrum UV LED Fans Review
This is probably the day all you UV nuts, like me, have been waiting for. UV reactive fans with UV LED's in them! These are fans are perfect for supplementing, or even adding UV lighting to your case. They are pretty darn bright too. Continue on as I look at Vantec's newest in their line of Spectrum fans

Review Link : E-T

Beantech BT84 Emerald Dream Acrylic Case
Some of the more astute among our regular readers will have noticed that during my last review wherein I built a system for KeyNet Computer Systems with H2O cooling, it was built in an acrylic case .... But how was the case to work with, what the heck was it, and will it work for me you ask. Keep reading to learn about my experience with the Beantech 'Emerald Dream'
Review Link : OCCC

Last week you saw our Canterwood motherboard shootout. And, as you can plainly tell, all the boards we reviewed had their strong points. They all perform rather close when it comes to actual performance. The thing that seems to set these boards apart would be features and price. Some of these boards, in our opinion, are just priced too high when you compare them to other solutions that have the same feature sets. Some of the motherboard makers have decided to offer the same board with different features included. ABIT is one of those companies. Our Canterwood round-up included the IC7-G. Today though, we look at the "G's" little bother, the IC7. And specifically, we look at it in the area of overclocking
Review Link : LR

Zalman ZM-MFC1 Fan Controller
After watching my Vantec Nexus NXP-101 and Nexus NXP-201 fail, I began searching for a new fan controller. provided me with a fan controller by Zalman, ZM-MFC1. Zalman produces high quality and very innovative cooling solutions; therefore, I feel this fan controller will be better than the Vantec Nexus line. At first glance the Zalman fan controller looks like a gadget out of an old computer movie.

Review Link : ATR

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