AGLOCO - Get Paid to Surf is back

Posted on Thursday, November 23 2006 @ 11:33:19 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
If you've been around for more than five years on the Internet you may still remember AllAdvantage. There was a lot of buzz about this company before the Big Dotcom Bubble busted.

AllAdvantage was one of the most popular "Get Paid to Surf" programs. By installing the AllAdvantage Viewbar (something we call adware/spyware these days) you could earn some money for surfing the web. It went down after 2 years but in its short existence it managed to raise nearly $200 million in venture capital and it's said the company paid out more than $120 million to its members. Most people only earned a few bucks but others managed to make thousands of dollars a month with referrers. However, many people also exploited AllAdvantage by using programs designed to fool the system.

Now were about five years later and the AllAdvantage system is back! A new company called AGLOCO has relaunched the "Get Paid to Surf" concept. Currently it's still in beta but you can already try it out. You can earn cash with AGLOCO by installing their Viewbar. When you activate this toolbar in your internet browser you start earning money. AGLOCO shows ads and you get paid for viewing them while you're surfing on the internet. Currently AGLOCO is limiting the maximum number of payable hours per month to 5 hours.

It's not sure how much you'll earn per hour, there's still a lot of uncertainty. Another thing is that besides cash money you also earn shares of AGLOCO. The company wants to become a global community of Internet users that's owned by its own members. How much these shares will be worth isn't known either, like I said there's still a lot of things that aren't clear yet.

As AGLOCO is still in beta you can't even start earning yet. The Viewbar is only available to a limited amount of beta testers who don't earn money for testing out the system.

One of the interesting things about AGLOCO is that you can earn money for people you refer. Even more interesting is that AGLOCO pays you a hourly rate for people your referrals recruit, extended referrals continue for four levels past your original referral.

If you manage to recruit some people and each if your referrals manages to recruit a few people you can start earning some nice extra cash each month. Here's an example from the member calculator on AGLOCO's website:

If you can recruit five member referrals who each recruit 3 new referrals you can earn 761.25 a month, assuming that everyone surfs the Internet for 5 hours a month with the Viewbar toolbar. 761.25 sounds like a lot but be aware that these aren't dollars. It's a combination of the shares and cash money you'll get.

You can try AGLOCO over here.

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Re: AGLOCO - Get Paid to Surf is back
by Anonymous on Thursday, November 23 2006 @ 13:43:50 CET
Very nice of you to include your own referral-link in the URL posted above.