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Posted on Monday, June 09 2003 @ 16:38 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Athenatech A100-SC Mini Case Review
This product is stylish and has a unique design. Deciding between a desktop or tower case will not be a problem because it can be orientated in either position. Even though it is a mini case there is enough room for all the essential computer hardware to be installed. It also comes with a 230watt Power Supply, two 60mm fans, removable racks, a blue LED and more. Watch the Video to find out more..
Review Link : 3dGameMan

PumpControl RS1
Handelsübliche Wasserpumpen für Wasserkühlungen im PC-Bereich verfügen über einen 230V Anschluss. Daher stellt sich die Frage, wie man am einfachsten dafür sorgen kann, dass die Wasserpumpe auch immer mit dem PC an- und ausgeschaltet wird. Vergisst man, die Pumpe einzuschalten, ist in den meisten Fällen ein Zerstörung der CPU durch Überhitzung die Folge. Noiseblocker bringt nun mit der PumpControl RS1 eine Steuerung auf den Markt, die dafür sorgt, dass die Pumpe immer automatisch bei Einschalten des Rechners mit eingeschaltet wird. Beim Ausschalten des Rechners läuft die Pumpe noch ca. 10 Sekunden nach, um die Restwärme von der CPU abzutransportieren. Wie es mit der Alltagstauglichkeit der Steuerung aussieht, lest ihr im Test.

Review Link : ModdingTech (German)

D-Tek FSB Northbridge Water-Block
Do chipset coolers help to increase your front side bus? That question often appears in forums and you can get mixed responses. The majority says you don’t need them. Yet manufacturers make them, people buy them, so the question remains. Perhaps we can get some answers from the D-Tek water-cooled FSB Northbridge Cooler we have to test. D-Tek is no stranger to water-cooling. They were founded in 2000 and were the first company to manufacture 1/2" systems, and 1/2" high flow channel water blocks. They also have an earned reputation for quality and performance.

Review Link : Systemcooling

EPoX P4PEA-800 Motherboard
Also in this area is the debug LED, and a USB2 port. The display is a great tool for getting that max overclock, or at least understanding what is holding you back. I'd like to see this instituted on every motherboard that is geared for overclockers. All of the codes can be found in the manual. If you have USB on the front of your case, you can hook them up to this port, and up the total connector content to 4. Still in the same area, we have the front panel connectors for power, LEDS, reboot, and HD activity. I really like the layout here, everything is in one line. It makes it very difficult to hook things up wrong. Another tactic I'd like to see more motherboards adopt.

Review Link : OCA

Angstrom Titan64 1U dual Opteron server
Angstrom has one of the first Opteron 1U servers available at the launch of the Opteron. By using the Newisys design they are able to offer features that enterprise customers demand. That being said the Newisys boards higher cost may keep budget server buyers looking elsewhere. With great stability, and the ability to pack 260 Opterons in a rack Angstrom is offering a solid line of high end Opteron servers. We look forward to their 4P offering from one of AMD's best server partners.
Review Link : AMDZone

The ABIT IS7 could be the best enthusiast i865/i875 chipset motherboard released by any company thus far. Now that Tom's Hardware has uncovered the truth about PAT technology, a handful of companies have begun to unlock PAT technology on the Intel i865 (Springdale) chipsets. Last week ABIT-USA sent us an unreleased BIOS for the ABIT IS7 that "increases performance." It seems that from our testing that ABIT was able to activate PAT technology on the ABIT IS7 and the results are outstanding
Link : Legit Reviews

Antec Multicolor LED Stick
Heute haben wir die Antec LED Sticks in zwei Versionen im Test. Bei diesen Sticks handelt es sich nicht um normale Leuchtstoff Kaltlichtkathoden sondern um mit LEDs beleuchtete Röhren. Die Sticks sind für den Einsatz außerhalb des PCs gedacht, und werden über einen USB-Stecker mit Strom versorgt. Die Vor - Nachteile könnt ihr im Test nachlesen. Und 2 Filme bieten wir auch mit an, damit Ihr euch einen optimalen Eindruck machen könnt. Viel Spaß !

Review Link : Caseumbau (German)

Benchmarking - How and Why?
As you can see from a sampling of the top five results in the Mad Onion database the Kyro II is about 2500 'Marks' less than the GF2 Pro's, yet in most games it performs as well as or better than a GF2 Pro. We can see that this helps show the ineffectiveness of 3D Mark 2001 to show the real life performance of a video card, and how it tries to reduce the performance of games to a simple number but in some cases fails
Review Link : Viper's Lair

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