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Posted on Friday, June 27 2003 @ 6:00 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

AMD XP3000 Barton Review
In the market for a new processor? In today's computing world there are two ways you can go Intel or AMD! The best bang for the buck is in an AMD processor. I have been testing the XP3000 Barton core. With a larger cache this is one fast processor, and with the prices you can't go wrong if you get the XP3000 333 fsb, and the XP3200 400 fsb, AMD gives you more choices, and with the prices of Intel processors, AMD wins and so do the consumers. What to know more? Check out what I think of this Barton!

Review Link : Furioustech

GF FX 5900 Ultra and the Radeon 9800 Pro video cards
Not only does the FX 5900 Ultra have great GPU cooling, the memory chips are cooled with gargantuan sized sinks that are mounted separately from the GPU cooler. Add to this the fact that you can overclock the 5900 at both the 2D and 3D level; you can keep your card cooler while not running in 3D Apps if you’re the type to keep your card overclocked day in, day out. Memory chips get hot on the R9800 Pro yet this particular model does not have any sinks on the memory. Fortunately, ATi implemented them on their newer R9800 Pro 256MB model which has DDR II that can get very hot

Review Link : OCAddiction

RazerX Micro-ATX Tower Case Review
The back portion of the RazerX Micro-ATX Tower Case features a Micro-ATX PSU mount, I/O ATX back plate, expansion slots, and single 60mm rear exhaust fan mount. There is only one panel in the entire case configuration that is removable by unsecuring two chrome thumbscrews. Above the exhaust fan mount on the 200 watt PSU is a regular AC adapter plug. An ATX I/O back plate is provided and includes all the necessary cut outs for serial, parallel, video, USB, mouse, keyboard, onboard LAN and integrated sound

Review Link : MTB

CoolerMaster Aero 7 HSF
The first thing you'll notice about this heatsink is it's big. This provided a bit of a problem for me in that I have an Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard which I dearly love. It is so crammed with extras that there wasn't much room to work with on the install. I eventually broke down, removed the motherboard and the sink installed in a snap. This was because in my PC75 the chip placement means there was only about an inch of clearance between the bottom of the power supply and the base of the heatsink. I didn't feel this was worth the risk of cracking the chip and after a couple of tries I removed the motherboard. The thumb clip was a breeze and the motherboard was installed and it was all running in less than an hour total

Review Link : OCIA

ER1 Robot
Robots! They make our life so much easier but makes us more lazy. Big manufacturing companies love robots because they don't have to pay them anything whereas an employee they would have to pay and would have more chances of having product flaws. From an employee perspective they may think negative towards robots because they are losing their jobs to them. When I went to Ontario to take a tour of a GM Truck Plant there was twice the amount of robots compared to employees but probably 50 years ago they had no robots and about five time the amount of employees which mean we had to pay a lot more for trucks. You can probably see where I'm going with this! Robots can be positive and negative

Review Link : Comp-Shop

AthenaTech A747 Mid-Tower Case
This case is along the lines of very affordable steel cases that we recently have presented to you. It joins the ranks of such well-known steel cases like Cooler Master’s Centurion and Antec’s Sonata. It does this by offering superior construction quality, attractive looks, included PSU, ease of installation and low cost

Review Link : Systemcooling

Power 301KE Case
This case is made by Chinming and has about the same exact interior as the LanBoy case. With this version you get a larger side window, a place to fit a side 80mm fan and a different front bezel. Plus you can choose the color you want in either silver, blue or black.
Review Link : PCA

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