Windows Vista's reliability features explored

Posted on Sunday, December 10 2006 @ 17:19 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
In the fifth part of his review of Windows Vista, Paul Thurrott takes a look at the reliability features of this operating system.
So here we are five years later and Windows Vista has arrived. As a direct successor to Windows XP (well, Vista is technically based on Windows Server 2003, which was itself based on Windows XP), Windows Vista inherits everything that was good and bad about that system. How it improves from there is, of course, up to Microsoft. In the case of security, for example, Windows Vista is dramatically improved, as we discussed in the previous part of this review. As for reliability, Windows XP has proven quite successful for users. The system crashes far less than its predecessors, and is generally quite well-regarded from a reliability standpoint. My own experience with XP has been stellar: I haven't seen a blue screen on XP in quite some time. And while it's still early, my experience with Vista has been even better..

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