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Posted on Thursday, July 03 2003 @ 20:12 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck

Cooler Master CoolDrive 3 Hard Disk Cooler
Don't you just love 7200 RPM hard disks? They are blazing fast! Too bad they are also so HOT!!! As a result, most hardware enthusiasts now rely on a variety of fans and hard disk coolers to keep their ultra-fast hard disks running cool. Today, we are going to take a look at one of the cooler looking hard disk coolers in the market - the Cooler Master CoolDrive 3! Does it work as well as it looks? Read on to find out!

Review Link : Rojakpot

Shuttle XPC SN41G2
Shuttle XPC is by no means the fastest PC on the planet, however, it is not far behind the performance leader, Epox 8RDA+. Shuttle proves to us that size does NOT matter. Gone are the days where small and integrated PCs were considered as "sub-standard" when it comes to upgradability and performance. Heck, the XPC can even accommodate the latest ATi R9800Pro on its 200W PSU
Review Link : OCNZ

Crucial PC3200 DDR400Mhz Review
As you can see from the results, the Crucial PC3200 held its own nicely even when compared to memory that had superior timings. Unfortunately, despite all our best efforts, the memory wouldn’t boot at any other timings while running at 200MHz. For that reason, we opted to skip the overclocking phase of the review. Our opinion is to look elsewhere if you’re intending on doing memory overclocking….

Review Link : MonkeyReview

Thermaltake Silent Purepower 420W PSU
So you've finally built your dream rig. Got everything you need? The latest processor, obscene amounts of drives, more fans and lights than you have fingers and toes perhaps? Well if you don't have the juice to keep it all running then congratulations for having the coolest and most expensive paperweight on the block. Try playing Counter-Strike with that bad boy now. With today's processors requiring more power than ever and the increase in motherboards that support RAID setups the need for capable power supplies becomes somewhat paramount when planning to build a system. That's why today we're going to take a look at the Thermaltake Silent Purepower 420W PSU and see if it has what it takes to keep your rig chugging along.

Review Link : Tech-Mods

Samsung 171P LCD Review
The long strip of black, believe it or not, actually houses the “buttons” to activate the on screen display. It would be wrong of me to continue saying “buttons” so let’s get rid of that word altogether. Let’s replace it with, oh I don’t know, touch sensitivity! Yup, that’s right. The only button you will encounter on this monitor is the power button. The rest of the functions are activated via touch sensitive surfaces

Review Link : E-T

Innovatek Tank-O-Matic
Nachdem wir bereits den Aquatube getestet haben, wollen wir uns auch einmal eine andere Version eines Ausgleichsbehälters anschauen. Dieser stammt von Innovatek und trägt den Namen Tank-O-Matic PLUGON "kurz" und wird direkt auf die Eheim Pumpen aufgesteckt. Aus dem so zur Verfügung gestellten Wasser- Reservoir kann die Pumpe dann direkt und absolut blasenfrei ansaugen
Review Link : MHzPower (German)

Apple 30GB iPod
Overall the latest iPod is more of an evolutionary step in the product line. However that is to be expected since Apple did get so much right the very first time around with the iPod. It's hard to top what they've already accomplished with this MP3 player. The 30GB iPod is a monster in terms of storage capacity. It will handle most music collections out there with aplomb. Is this device a must have? Not this current version. You may be better off getting a deal on the previous generation iPod. The Apple iPod has been the standards bearer for the last few years - this new model only solidifies the iPod has the device to beat
Review Link : WhiningDog

IOSS RD3XP Gladiator Super Shielded Round Cable
IOSS claim their RD3XP-Gladiator cables reduce the amount of electronic noise affecting data transfer by a number of noise reducing methods
Review Link : Modfathers

P4 2.4C Overclock
Just wanted to let you know what I obtained yesterday on a retail 2.4C @ 3.6Ghz!!.

Link : TweakNews

OCZ 512MB (2x256) PC-3200 Dual Platinum Memory Kit Video Review
The OCZ 512MB (2x256) PC-3200 Dual Platinum Memory Kit offers excellent performance, overclockability and is very well priced. This memory is CAS 2, 4.5ns and goes well beyond its default of 400MHz DDR. Bang for the buck this memory is hard to beat and will certainly give overclockers something to smile about. The Watch the Video to find out more.
Review Link : 3dGameMan

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