Prescott support on ABIT IC7-MAX3?

Posted on Wednesday, July 23 2003 @ 16:52 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
X-bit Labs reports about Abit his new Canterwood motherboard, the IC7-MAX3 which is expected to be announced on Friday (25th of July 2003). One of the most remarkable features of this motherboard is that Abit claims that it will support Prescott CPU's because it was designed with Prescott FMB 1.5 specifications in mind.

Another inovative thing about this motherboard is the Secure IDE technology which ABIT will implent for the first time ever in his motherboards. Secure IDE is an encryption card that uses the eNOVA X-Wall chipset that ensures confidentiality and privacy data through disk encryption. According to ABIT, Secure IDE will allow end-users to deny the access to the HDD in certain cases, providing some more security.

Specifications of the IC7-MAX3 :
  • Supports Socket 478 Pentium 4/Prescott/Celeron processors with 400/533/800MHz Quad Pumped Bus with up to 3.60GHz clock-speed and above;
  • Can take advantage of the CPUs with the Hyper-Threading technology enabled;
  • 4-Phase CPU Power. Capacitors and mosfets are cooled by special OTES cooling system.
  • i875P chipset, including Canterwood MCH and ICH5R I/O controller;
  • 4 DIMM slots for up to 4GB of PC2100, PC2700 or PC3200 DDR SDRAM memory. Dual-channel memory bus support: the memory modules should be identical and installed in pairs;
  • 5 PCI slots and 1 AGP Pro 8x slot;
  • 2-channel ATA-100/66/33 integrated controller;
  • ICH5R supports 2 Serial ATA-150 ports with RAID.
  • Silicon Image additional controller supports 4 Serial ATA-150 ports;
  • Up to 8 USB 2.0 ports;
  • 3 FireWire (IEEE1394) ports;
  • 10/100/1000Mbit/s Ethernet adapter from Intel via CSA bus;
  • 6-channel audio solution;
  • Lots of additional tuning functions, including technologies found on all present mainboards from ABIT;
  • ATX Form Factor.

    Source : X-bit Labs

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    Re: Prescott support on ABIT IC7-MAX3?
    by CAG on Wednesday, July 23 2003 @ 20:20 CEST
    Here's a not-so-recent article on the Intel Grantsdale chipset . I know this thread is about the Abit but won't the Grantsdale change the whole computer landscape in another 8 months or so? I read all these review about this mobo and that cpu but I can't help feeling that we are all biding our time until Intel launches the "mother-of-all-chipsets" Grantsdale. Just my $.02.

    • Reply by Anonymous on Thursday, July 24 2003 @ 9:23 CEST

      The Grantsdale will indeed feature some new things, and with his PCI Express support it will be the first chipset which will fade out the old PCI and even the AGP bus.

      But 8 months is still far away, and there are always people who always want the fastest stuff avaible ont he market. And there are also people who are already using their system for 3-4-5 years or longer and who really can not wait a few months longer.