ThermalTake iXoft Fanless notebook cooler

Posted on Tuesday, Feb 06 2007 @ 09:33 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
ThermalTake just presented a new fanless ultra-portable cooling solution for notebooks, the iXoft Fanless Notebook Cooling Pad. This pad is made out of some sort of textile, unlike most other notebook coolers it doesn't have active cooling so it's absolutely quiet.

Here's how the cooling works:

The most innovative thermal designed feature is found in its patented Heat Shift Technology which consists of phase change material that exhibits cold and solid property when not in use then transforms into liquid form when dissipating heat away from the heat source.

Upon contact with heat source such as a computer notebook, iXoft quickly absorbs heat away from the source and accelerates thermal dissipation by distributing heat across all available surfaces on iXoft and into surrounding through natural convection. All this is done without any moving part which guarantees iXoft to operate continuously without consuming any precious battery from the notebook and without producing any noise.

Portability played in equally important part in the design of iXoft, which weighs in at only 650g (22 ounces), makes it the world’s lightest notebook cooler available today. In addition to its light weight property, the iXoft can also be folded for easy transportation and storage.

The iXoft is available in black and white and can be used for 12" to 17" notebooks. I'm not sure how well this will perform, but according to ThermalTake it significantly lowers temperatures.

While running 3DMark06 for 90 minutes at a room temperature of 25°C their iXoft cooled notebook reached a max temperature of 36.1°C. With a glass surface under then notebook the temperature was 41.6°, wood 41.7°C and a book 42.3°C.

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