To Vista or not to Vista, that's the question?

Posted on Wednesday, Feb 07 2007 @ 07:29 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Having trouble getting Vista running on your newly bought computer hardware, despite the Vista compatible sticker? Rest assured you're not alone.
Microsoft Vista was introduced last week, amidst a flurry of press releases from hardware manufacturers, once again proclaiming support for the new operating system. One week after the launch the actual truth of the matter seems a bit grim, as new PCs that come shipped with Vista indeed work right out of the box, however end users aspiring to install it on their not-so-new PCs are left in the dark by many manufacturers. Not exactly what you’d expect after spending anywhere from $100 for an upgrade to well over $200 for a full version right? Having been in development for the past few years you’d think support for older hardware would not be the issue here, because that’s always been properly supported by previous Microsoft operating systems..
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Re: To Vista or not to Vista, that's the question?
by Anonymous on Wednesday, Feb 07 2007 @ 13:52 CET
Slower performance (to support DRM, which is a further insult), broken or plain crummy sound, huge lack of drivers, pathetic support for major antivirus vendors (yeah sure I trust MS for security, uh no), and zero upgrade path to 64 bit? And on top of that you want to charge me how much for this "pleasure" of yours?

Uh no, no, no and no again. This thing is ridiculous.

Give us:

Full access by security software so we can get software that works.

A way to upgrade a current existing system to 64 bit.

Working sound for all current titles.

Working drivers for everything newer than 2 years old. (you've been working on this piece of garbage for a lot longer than that)

And make the DRM path optional so those who don't need it can remove it. Many of us have no need of watching DVD's on a pc, with far more important work to be done.

After you are done with all that get your pricing clowns out of clown school and price this more like the upgrade it is. And don't give me that "but oh the interface is so nice" crap. People have been designing fancier desktops into $25 pieces of software for decades.

Since it's unlikely they'll do any of this, pass thanks...