NVIDIA Khronos - 3D user interface for phones

Posted on Tuesday, February 13 2007 @ 19:52:19 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
NVIDIA announced that it is demonstrating the world's first prototype implementation of the Khronos OpenKODE 1.0 specification and using this new open standard to accelerate an intuitive user interface concept design. The demo showcases:
  • Multi-tasking in a multi-windowed environment
  • Fully accelerated translucent window compositing
  • Innovative 3D user interface with transition effects
  • This demonstration highlights how OpenKODE enables advanced user interfaces and accelerates multiple media types using a standardized set of APIs to revolutionize how consumers interact with handheld devices.

    "NVIDIA is a strong supporter of the Khronos Group and is committed to promoting open standards for the mobile industry to reduce software fragmentation and enable truly compelling handheld rich media to make its way into the hands of consumers," said Neil Trevett, vice president of embedded content at NVIDIA and chairman of the Khronos Group. "NVIDIA is strongly focused on supporting Khronos standards to expose its advanced media acceleration capabilities to the software developer community while helping to drive the industry towards mass acceptance of such open standards to enable a new generation of innovative mobile content."

    NVIDIA GoForce solutions will offer full support for OpenKODE 1.0 including OpenGL ES 1.1, OpenVG 1.0 and OpenKODE Core 1.0 with full EGL functionality mandated by OpenKODE to enable sophisticated mixed mode 2D and 3D graphics.