GeCube AGP Radeon X1950 XTX graphics card

Posted on Saturday, Feb 17 2007 @ 03:05 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
GECUBE believes the market of AGP interface advanced graphic card is continuously growing. The story of high-end VGA started at the end of 2006, where the introduction of the X1950PRO series drew much attention from the general public. Today, another bright new product, X1950XT X series, is announced. It uses an ATI RADEON R580+ GPU with GDDR3 256MB and comes with GECUBE's exclusive X-Turbo fan, built-in Thermo Electric Chip (TEC), and temperature-controlled devices. The core clock speed not only directly challenges that of the X1950XTX level (648MHz), its overclocking speed can also reach at least 675 MHz or even higher.

Overclocking can be done with ATI's built-in Overdrive Control panel. With overclocking, the temperature is still maintained at 70~80°C, which is lower than the normal operating temperature of general graphic card without overclocking. Moreover, the temperature monitor allows game players to overclock at their own will without worrying about burning up the chip. GECUBE believes that ultimate overclocking capability with enhanced efficiency in heat dissipation is the newest norm for selecting a graphic card.

GECUBE X1950XT X series AGP interface product has a built-in TEC chip. It effectively prevents the rise in temperature that normally comes with overclocking. You would not need to worry about excessive heat that might affect operations. Four heat pipes and the X-Turbo fan keep the 1950XT X series at a temperature of 70¢J under 3D environment. All of these safeguard measures guarantee operational stability and ultra-high efficiency. The noise issue that comes with high-speed operation has also been addressed. While under 3D environment, the noise is approximately 28dB, and if it under 2D environment, the noise is 20dB only. GECUBE X1950XT X series¡¦ quiet operation and excellent efficiency ensure the AGP 8X interface has the equal performance as the same level of PCI-Express interface.

The 1950XT X series product supports Shader Model 3.0's newest infrastructure design, has best Frame Rates in the industry, and 48 pixel pipelines. As a result, it provides an ultra-fast image processing speed. It also supports High Definition Content Protection (HDCP), Blu-ray, HD DVD, 1080i, and HDTV¡¦s high definition video output. When paired with ATI's exclusive AVIVO display technology, it supports a media format that has the highest resolution at present. It is capable of displaying 1 billion types of color. When activating both the High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Anti-Aliasing (AA)(6X) features simultaneously, a crisp and smooth picture quality is guaranteed. You can enjoy a one of a kind visual experience. Dual DVI (2 Dual link) enhances the resolution significantly. This product is certified by the Windows Vista Premium WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs). You can upgrade your system easily and experience the Vista 3D Aero interface in advance.

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