ATI Radeon X2900XTX by end of March

Posted on Tuesday, February 20 2007 @ 0:10 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Some updated news about the ATI R600 from The Inq. They say the first ATI Radeon X2900XTX (or is it X2800XTX?) graphics cards will be available by the end of March, with initial production starting in the first week of that month.
One of the codenames for this card is Dragonshead 2 and it is a 9.5-inch card with the new vapour chamber cooler. The board went throughout many revisions and the last one - so far - was the power and mechanical advisory in early February. The A13 board samples are scheduled for the last week of February while the Rev90 release of the board is scheduled for the fourth week of February.

R600XTX card production is set to start in first week of March. Add in Board partners (AIBs) will get the cards between second and third week of March.

The volume customer shipments are expected by the middle of third week in March. And at last target on shelf date is the 28th of March 2007 - that's when the NDSa expire.

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