Big news roundup - February 22, 2007

Posted on Thursday, February 22 2007 @ 19:43 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
I'm not feeling too well today so I'm not going to post a lot of full-lenght news articles today. Instead I'm going to do some speedlinking with some of the more interesting news stories published on the web today.

Instead of launching a G81 GPU, NVIDIA is working on the G90. They are also working on new DirectX 10 graphics cards for old AGP systems.

Canon has a new fast digital SLR, the 10 megapixel EOS-1D Mark III. Besides this model they also have five other models for consumers.

Intel promised 3GHz quad-core Xeons and processors with a 1600MHz FSB.

HarCoreWare compares the power consumption of the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360.

Google will sell an online software suite, the Google Apps Premier Edition.

AMD might have a quad-core Opteron running at 2.3GHz.

4G cell phones will make an end to per-second billing for mobile voice and data, with new all-you-can-eat-fixed-price packages.

Apple and Cisco have settled the iPhone trademark suit.

Kotaku has tech demos of CryEngine 2 - which looks amazing.

And blue-violet lasers are poised to boost Blu-ray read and write speeds next year.

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