Arctic Freezer 64 LP - HSF for low-profile systems

Posted on Friday, March 02 2007 @ 2:05 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Arctic presents a new dual-fan processor cooler for low-profile AMD PCs. The design of Freezer 64 LP ultra high performance dual fan achieves the ultimate cooling effect that dramatically cools the AMD CPU even inside a tiny chassis. Freezer 64 LP’s 2 vertical cooling fans draw a large amount of cold air from both sides that cool the CPU fast and effectively. 3 copper heat pipes directly connected from the CPU core transfer heat out of the core rapidly.

Additionally the design of the Freezer 64 LP cools the surrounding chipset and voltage regulators and operates at just 1/3 of the noise level as the stock cooler and this even under heavy loading. Freezer 64 LP definitely gives the ideal cooling solution for high performance low profile HTPC applications.

The Arctic Freezer 64 LP is widely compatible with AMD socket 939 or latest AMD AM2 CPUs. Same as the other ARCTIC COOLING products Freezer 64 LP users can enjoy a 6 year limited warranty.

The Freezer 64 LP is now available for $24 (or 20EUR, excl. VAT).

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