HD DVD dead in one year?

Posted on Monday, March 19 2007 @ 8:25 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Some people at CeBIT were claiming that HD DVD could be dead within a year..
The battle between the HD DVD and Blu-ray camps has gone into a new round at Cebit - with HD DVD promoters touting the formats advantages and almost claiming victory over Blu-ray, while a Sony executive told TG Daily that he expects the format war to be over within one year.

If you had the choice between "the look and sound of perfect" or the maximum in "hi-def experience", which one would you choose? Sounds similar, but could be very different with what you end up. In the first case, you would end up with HD DVD, whose supporters served salmon and sparkling water during its Cebit conference, and in the second case you would get Blu-ray and doughnuts with coffee.

Admitted, a far-fetched image for describing the two competing hi-def formats, but even the food presented at the Cebit press conferences showcased just how different the marketing and promotion campaigns to capture public interest has become.

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