Windows XP SP3 canned?

Posted on Tuesday, April 10 2007 @ 0:26 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Windows IT Pro reports Microsoft has delayed the third service pack for Windows Vista to 2008. Originally this SP3 was planned for 2005 but the site now believes Microsoft has abandoned its best selling operating system and may have absolutely no plans to ever ship SP3.
My guess is that Microsoft will do what it did with the final Windows 2000 Service Pack: Claim years later that it's no longer needed and just ship a final security patch roll-up. This is the worst kiss-off to any Microsoft product I've ever seen, and you'd think the company would show a little more respect to its best-selling OS of all time.

But the reality is, Microsoft is looking ahead to new revenue and not behind to money that's already in the bank. And though hundreds of millions of people will be running XP for years to come, despite Microsoft's best efforts at selling them a later Windows version, the company has absolutely no plans to actually support those customers.

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Re: Windows XP SP3 canned?
by Anonymous on Friday, April 13 2007 @ 0:26 CEST
Exactly what would be in Windows XP SP3?