ATI R600 to have FSAA without performance impact?

Posted on Thursday, April 12 2007 @ 13:08 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The rumours about the R600 are really piling up. Today FUDZilla claims this long-delayed GPU will have "free" FSAA and AF in some modes. The reason why they call it free is because at some resolutions and settings there won't be any real performance penalties when you enable this options.
The Xbox 360 Xenos chip can do this with 4X FSAA and 8X Anisotropic filtering if we remember correctly. The R600 secret must lie in the 512 bit memory controller.

Xenos has 10 MB of embedded memory that helps it do the free 4X FSAA and maybe the R600 can benefit from its ultra fast 512 bit memory controller and its fast memory. We still don’t think it is fast enough.

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