DDR2 goes 1333MHz - DDR3 delayed

Posted on Friday, Apr 13 2007 @ 10:02 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Inq reports DDR3 is a bit delayed because of shortages, and that we can soon expect the first DDR2 modules that reach the 1333MHz level.
Instead of DDR3-1333 CL6, which was anticipated as a good bargain knowing it'd run at 1.6 volts, we may have it at noticeably slower CL8. Those who want DDR3-1600 speed levels may have to, for the first time, endure CAS latency in double digits - how does CL10 sound? To me, kinda awful.

Due to the DDR3 shortage in this initial period, don't be surprised to see the first batch of X38-based boards by Intel and others to come bundled with a pair of DDR3 DIMMs - I just hope the fastest ones will be in there. There is no official comment by any of the mobo vendors on this yet.

In the meantime, DDR2 has to fill in the void left by this delay and probable performance disappointment with this year's DDR3 line.

So, by next month, expect to see the first DDR2 DIMMs reaching the DDR2-1333 level, from more than one vendor. These 2 x 1GB dual module kits should give you CL5-5-5 performance at that high speed, but with 2.5 volt input - sufficient to, over some time, fry most current memory chips except Micron and Promos (plus some Elpida) dies. Even if they work fine, they will be as hot as an Nvidia North Bridge and will need commensurate cooling.

All the usual suspects are expected to have (or at least announce) DDR2-1333 DIMMs by Computex, except that the voltages and latencies may vary slightly, depending on the PCB, cooling and the vendor's luck with the memory dies obtained (i.e. whoever karaoke'd last night in the musky streets of old Taipei with the memory wafer sorting guy).
Another prediction is that prices of 2x 2GB memory kits will soon drop a bit as 1Gbit die production moves into higher volume.

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Re: DDR2 goes 1333MHz - DDR3 delayed
by Anonymous on Friday, Apr 13 2007 @ 11:48 CEST
Making X38 DDR3 only is typical Intel insanity of course and it will relegate it quickly to the trash heap of Intel chipsets.

It's the wrong time for DDR3, especially in an enthusiast targeted product. But who'd expect Intel to get it right?

Probably enthusiasts will flock to Nvidia and AMD alternative chipsets to run Penryn's since everyone will want high performance and no one will want to touch DDR3 with a 10 foot pole.