AMD K10 beats Intel QX6800 in multimedia benchmark

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 24 2007 @ 10:11 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Some benchmark scores of the AMD Agena/Barcelona K10 processor running at 2.5GHz were leaked today.

Apparently the chip scores over 400 000 instructions/second in SiSoft Sandra's integer test and about 300 000 instructions/second in a floating point test.

The quad-core Intel QX6800 only scores about 300 000 it/s in integer and about 180 000 it/s in the floating point test.
So at least in multimedia stuff and this synthetic benchmark AMD's native quad core is 33.3 percent faster than Intel's fastest Quad core, while in the floating calculations it is a massive 66 percent faster.

The QX6850 with FSB 1333 might improve the situation a bit, but it won't be enough save the day. Intel needs to go much higher than 3 GHZ to match the 2.5 GHz K10 part.

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Re: AMD K10 beats Intel QX6800 in multimedia benchmark
by Anonymous on Wednesday, Apr 25 2007 @ 04:27 CEST
Or put out a 3.5ghz 45nm chip on the Penryn core.

Of course I can BUY a 6850, and probably a Yorktown/Penryn long before you'll find Barcelona's going into your desktop.

That seems to be the heart of it.

  • Reply by Anonymous on Wednesday, Jul 04 2007 @ 22:22 CEST

    That is not the heart of it. The heart of it buddy is that someone is making a better cpu and some other folk are going to be hit hard. The problem is some companies shoot for the stars and others just want a monopoly where you take it how it is. And you kinda fall in that last group.

  • Reply by Anonymous on Wednesday, Sep 05 2007 @ 20:01 CEST

    Another Intel Fanboy, that just doesn't understand that competition is good for the CPU market.

    You should be happy that the K10 is going to kick Core2's ass, it means better prices and better technology for the future for us consumers.

    • Reply by Anonymous on Sunday, Sep 16 2007 @ 23:32 CEST

      Today's benchs say the opposite. AMD Sucks! ;)