Logitech Alto Express - an elegant notebook stand

Posted on Wednesday, June 20 2007 @ 20:30:53 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Logitech unveiled its new Alto Express notebook stand. This notebook stand features a hard-plastic, translucent surface and a smooth, swoop shape.

The lightweight, one-piece Alto Express stand requires minimal setup. People simply place their laptop on the stand, add a keyboard and mouse, and begin working. Plus, two stabilizing rubber-tipped feet at the front of the stand prevent the laptop from sliding while the rubber feet at the back of the stand incorporate easy-glide polycarbonate material to make it easy to move the stand around once the laptop is on the stand.

The stand’s arch-like design accommodates storage of a keyboard and mouse under the stand when not in use. The Alto Express is compatible with 15.4 to 17 inch notebook PCs and MacBook computers.

The Logitech Alto Express will be available for $29.99 in Europe in early August and in the U.S. in July.