Are gaming laptops a complete joke?

Posted on Saturday, Jul 21 2007 @ 11:17 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Charlie Demerjian from The Inquirer published a rant about gaming laptops. He claims the concept is pretty good in theory, but that it falls flat in reality as gaming on a laptop sucks.

Here's a look at all the problems he has with gaming laptops:
1) Very expensive
2) Proprietary hardware that is unfixable if it breaks
3) Proprietary hardware that is unupgradable
4) Slow CPUs
5) Slow buses
6) Slow memory
7) Slow HDs
8) GPU makers lie about the capabilities of mobile GPUs (the 5000M is every bit as good as a 5000, really)
9) They are heavier than a normal laptop
10) They are as portable as a phone book
11) Battery life measured in hummingbird wingflaps
12) Screen responses measured in glacial movement units
13) Keyboards and mice that pale in response to a Logitech G5/G15
14) Lots of expensive crap bolted on you will never use
More over over here.

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