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Posted on Saturday, Jul 28 2007 @ 21:25 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Voodoo Extreme found some details about Valve's upcoming Left 4 Dead game:
  • Left 4 Dead is a First Person Shooter Co-operative Multiplayer game in which you play as one of up to four people (called "Survivors", luckily immune to a virus that's sending most of the population mad, pitched against an endless horde of psychotic infected people.
  • The infected are humongous in numbers, they pour out from everywhere. A lack of strength means nothing if there are a good hundred or so of them.
  • ...as a Survivor, you can close and lock doors behind you. This effectively stalls any infected pursuing you. They can break through the door a bit at a time, but it takes a while. And Survivors having the ability to blow holes in the door as well make for some interesting scenes involving a Survivor firing into a horde of infected through a hole in a door to great effect. Of course, Tanks don't find doors to hard to open. Or walls.
  • You will not be wading through hordes of infected from start to finish. What has been implemented is an AI Director that places the infected on the map using no flags or checkpoints made by TRS at all. It is intelligent enough to place them without such things.
  • You can, if you want, decide to forego the realm of sanity and become an infected psychopath, bent on killing the four survivors.
  • There are four playable types of Boss-Infected, known as the Boomer, the Hunter, the Smoker, and the Tank (scroll down for a more in-depth look at them). The first three are selectable to a point, while the latter is given out randomly at certain times due to it's power.
  • Playing as the infected is very different from the survivor side. Most obviously when you take your position behind a pair of bloodied hands, you can see the outline of survivors as a red, ghostly figure which can be used to see them through walls. The game also shows the likely route the survivors will take, if you are standing still, as red arrows on the floor, further enhancing the ability to stalk and strike at the most inopportune moment.
  • There are four campaigns, consisting of 5 maps each (so 20 maps on release), which can be both played offline (with AI controlled friends and enemies) or online with up to 8 players (four Survivors and four Boss Infected). They are separated by 'checkpoints' in which you restock on ammo and health, and dead teammates revive if they were killed towards the end of a map.
  • TRS are working with Valve to implement support for multi-core processors
  • Left 4 Dead will be available on both XBox 360 and PC platforms
  • There is no official release date for Left 4 Dead. Do not pay attention to any release dates unless they are stated by the developers themselves or the publishers.

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