ATi his future Intel motherboard chipsets

Posted on Thursday, November 06 2003 @ 23:02 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Here is some information about ATi his next motherboard chipsets.

  First they have the RC300 for notebooks which is a single channel memory chipset for 533MHz Pentium 4 processors.
After this there is the arrive of the RS350. It will feature some improvements in memory management and it will be equiped with the a new Southbridge, the SB300. The RS350 will be available in Q1 2004.

A major change will be the RS400 which will be the first chipset to integrate a DirectX 9 graphics chip. It will support DDR400 just as DDR2-667 support and PCI Express. This chipset is expected in Q2 2004. There is also a single channel version, the RC400.

Now a little bit more about ATi his southbridges. The SB300 is in fact an updated SB200 with 2 SATA ports and 2 extra USB 2.0 ports. The SB400 will support PCI Express and another 2 additional SATA ports.

Source: X86-Secret

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