World In Conflict: AU Multiplayer Interview

Posted on Sunday, Aug 12 2007 @ 13:57 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
IGN had an interview with World in Conflict's Lead Designer Magnus Jansen about the multiplayer part of this upcoming RTS game:
IGN AU: The matches are fairly short, so there's a risk that some folks are going to assume that it's all about a tank rush, throwing all your units in as soon as possible, and there's not much skill involved. What do you say to that?

Magnus Jansen: Well, looking at average game length, it's an interesting question. The thing with WIC is that the games are potentially much longer than in other RTS games, because the tide can always turn. There's no single point where one side gathers all the resources and captures everything, making it into a downward spiral for the other team. In other games, the losing team would just say 'we can't win this round, good game, goodbye'.

Since you can always turn it around, it's never theoretically over until it's truly over. This is something that people catch on to quite quickly. There's no point in slacking off, even though the domination bar is all the way to one side; you can always do a coordinated effort and turn it around even though it was looking very grim. This happens all the time. That's my answer to that - people learn this as soon as they play, and it happens very frequently, where teams turn around a battle that is looking lost. So even though people can tank rush, and get a hold of everything, seconds later, since they did a deep rush undefended, people from the other team can wipe them out easily, turning the tides.
Check it out over here.

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