AMD RD790, RD780 & RX780 BIOS to feature AutoXpress

Posted on Monday, Sep 24 2007 @ 15:35 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Our colleagues from Chile Hardware discovered motherboards based on the AMD RD790, RD780 and RX780 will have a special BIOS option called AutoXpress.

Feature Options: ON (default) / OFF / Custom
Upon selecting CUSTOM option - 3 options that have no submenus appear (the details listed below are hidden). These options only have two modes ON or OFF. Selecting ON selects ALL functions in that mode.
  • CPU (ON default /OFF)
  • XpressRoute (ON default/OFF)
  • MemBoost (ON default/OFF)
  • CPU (ON / OFF)
  • Function 1: To Maximize CPU performance
  • Detail: Change CPU ClkDivisor to "Divide-by-1" mode
  • Limitation: For Phenom (K10) CPU only
  • XpressRoute (ON / OFF)
  • Function 1: To accelerate transfers of data to and from graphics
  • Detail: Increase PCIE clock for Graphic cards with certain device ids. Internal qualification has been done on R600 and R580+ cards and has shown stability at 150Mhz-160Mhz on the PCIE bus (Gen1). Corner lot testing has shown that 125Mhz should be the recommended default to cover worst case scenarios.
  • Limitation: For RD780 and RD790 only.

  • Function 2: To accelerate transfers of data b/w graphics (most notably in SW CrossFire)
  • Detail: Enable BIOS setting to allow P2P transfers
  • Limitation: For RD780 and RD790 only

  • Function 3: To maximize transfer bandwidth of graphics data with a HT1 CPU
  • Detail: Enable BIOS setting to double pump graphics data across HyperTransport
  • Limitation: For RD780 and RD790 only. For HT1 CPUs only (disable for HT3 CPUs)
  • MemBoost (ON / OFF)
  • Function 1: To accelerate memory bandwidth performance with DDR2-800 or higher DIMMs with K8 CPUs
  • Detail: Alter memory timings for DDR2-800 or higher DIMMs
  • Limitation: For RD780 and RD790 only. For DDR2-800 or higher DIMMS. For K8 CPUs only.

    Fine tuning adjustments: Trc, reduce by 2
    Twr, reduce by 2
    Trrd, reduce by 1
    Tref, 7.8us instead of 3.9us
    Twtr, reduce by 1
    BankSwizzleMode, Enable
    Queue Bypass Max. increase to 7

  • Function 2: Disable DRAM PowerDown mode
  • Detail: Change register to 0
  • Limitation: For RD780 and RD790 only.

  • Function 3: Read Enthusiast DIMMs with multiple SPDs
  • Detail: Read Performance SPD that gives maximum performance
  • Limitation: For RD790 only.

    Information on the performance gains will follow soon.

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