NVIDIA fears Intel and AMD

Posted on Thursday, Oct 18 2007 @ 05:15 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
NVIDIA has had a really good year but it fears its future as Intel and AMD are heading into the graphics market:
Nvidia showed many of its partners that even with a low end CPU you will gain a lot if you simply plug in a better graphics card.

Nvidia doesn’t plan to make a CPU, but AMD and Intel will both soon have graphics, they already have a solid chipset business, 30+ years of CPU experience and this is something that Nvidia cannot compete with.

Intel is preaching that OEMs and System integrators should use its platform and Centrino is one of the most successful things that Intel ever did. AMD also has this platform concept and by the time, there won’t be much space in the chipset business for Nvidia as Intel and AMD simply don’t want it around.
Source: FUD Zilla

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Re: NVIDIA fears Intel and AMD
by Anonymous on Thursday, Oct 18 2007 @ 06:01 CEST
If they fear Intel now, that won't be half as bad as when Intel hands Nvidia their *ss.

Refuse to sell Intel SLI? You are about to watch over the next year and a half, Intel do to Nvidia what they did to AMD. By 2010, Nvidia will be begging to have SLI work on Intel machines. Of course by then it won't matter. Core 2 duo was Intel's revenge on AMD. What do you suppose they will do to Nvidia?

Nvidia doesn't even know what fear is yet.

  • Reply by Anonymous on Friday, Oct 19 2007 @ 00:55 CEST

    nVidia needs to come off their high horse. They also need to stay out of the chipset business, the 680 was no where near what it should have been. nVidia, stick to the GPU sector and learn to play nice or the bully boy (Intel) will whip your dainty little ass!