Guide : Bios flashing

Posted on Tuesday, September 03 2002 @ 22:57 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
PC911 heeft een guide geschreven over wat het bios is en doet , wat flashen betekent, en hoe je het kunt doen :
This BIOS software is in some regards like other software. There are newer versions available that contain updates, enhanced, features, new features, and bug fixes. It is possible to install newer BIOS versions and upgrade, but the process is different from upgrading regular software that's installed on your computer. The BIOS software is not stored on the hard drive, but in a chip on the motherboard. To erase the software on the chip and program it with a newer software version you need to use a special program called a flash utility, and the process of performing the upgrade is called flashing the BIOS.

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